Hertog Hendrik, Medical and Technical textiles

Hertog Hendrik is developing innovative textile systems for nursing and treatment in the healthcare sector.

These innovative systems are used on beds and pillows, in wheelchairs and many other applications.

Prevention of pressure ulcer and moisture wounds:

The developed textile systems are able to fine-tune the dysregulation of humidity and temperature ( microclimate ) on the skin of the patient and prevents degeneration thereof. In addition pressure and shear forces on the skin are reduced as well.

Increasing comfort:

Sleep and bed comfort is increased considerably by the use of smart elastic fabric.

Effective care:

The workload of nursing staff shows significant reduction when using stay and transfer systems on which the patient can rest continuously and his or her self-sustainability is increased.

Reduction of health care costs:

Based on a complete analysis of nursing and treatment processes, care costs are reduced due to optimization of nursing systems.

Development 3D textiles

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Project: Bedcare Plus


Project: Health Watch

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